Tracy LeRoux - On Great Leaders
On Great Leaders

Entrepreneurs innately know that the success or failure of their business ultimately rests on their shoulders. Yes, the product you build the service you deliver and the team you hire are important, but your ability to lead is what carries your company through the tough times and will lead to your success. With that kind of pressure, it’s easy to feel lonely

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Make Less. More.

   29 March 2014          0
I am

Mother Teresa said it best “Be Someone for Somebody.” I read this in a journal in 1999 and just reflected back upon it this morning. I felt particularly compelled to share it with you today - You are what you believe yourself to be. I am the two most important words that will shape your life. I am worthy…I am valuable…I am a great person…I am a blessing to others…I am smart…I am strong. "I am" - The two most important words that will shape your life.

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Transparent Social Media
Transparent Social Marketing – 8 things you should know

Transparency implies openness, disclosing relevant information to the right people at the right time, in the right way – and is one of the key tenets of a successful social...

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EnJOY the gift of NOW

How can we create more meaning in our life and in the lives of our families?  In our pursuit to “have it all,” what can we do to ensure we are taking time out to nurture our spirits and experience true joy?