Tracy LeRoux Reviews


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Tracy is not only helping me to grow my business, she is helping me to grow myself. She challenges me to think bigger, and holds me accountable. I have definitely stepped out of my comfort zone with her help and support. Her no-nonsense approach, endless energy and resourcefulness has been very instrumental in the positive changes I have been able to implement in the last year. Before motivation comes motive – and that is where we started.


Dena Davis / Action Performance and Leadership Coaching

She is passionate about helping other succeed and pulls from her many years of experience of helping global brands. She was instrumental in getting my business launched by providing strong advice on steps to take in the process. Tracy helped me figure out the best techniques for my market and also serves as an incredible support to me. What I love is she does not hesitate to provide tough love – the constructive criticism on how you can be doing better and also kudos for all the work done well.


Marcy Morrison / Author, Speaker, Coach

When we wanted to grow our business, we knew we needed something different. We needed to wrap our heads around the dynamics of our leadership team and our marketing approach. Tracy was great! She offered solid strategic thinking and her team of designers made our advertising really stand out.


Dana Austin / Business Owner, Kitchen and Bath Design Studio

Tracy understands our mission and has helped me personally in leading my team to better reach our global Christian constituency through effective communications. She is a media genius, very strategic and wonderful to work with. I highly recommend Tracy LeRoux as a consultant to leaders and their teams. She will help you develop better ways to achieve your growth strategies.

Dr. David Jeremiah / Founder, Turning Point Radio and Television Ministries

Tracy has the ability to allow each individual to sincerely believe they are capable of becoming the ideal person, as described by her. Tracy’s upbeat positive personality and presentation have convinced me that I can become the person, “That my Puppy thinks I am.” During my travels I have met many so-called successful human beings. Tracy has shown me that there are a few exceptional human ‘do-ers’! She is one of them. Somehow, she has me convinced I can be one also!


Richard Corley / Defense Attorney

Richard Corley

Tracy’s a positive thinker and a great motivator!
I love her energy and ideas.


Ozstar Dejourday / Real Estate Broker

Tracy Leroux inspired us to think out outside the walls of our business and helped us take lofty Ideas and transcend them into action. With her guidance and expertise we were able to is identify our core business and expand appropriately. She is someone who inspires and motivates her clients and most importantly gets the job done.

Elizabeth Dewey and Mora Babineau / Business Owners – fitness studio

Tracy’s guidance was instrumental in keeping me motivated to keep pushing the business end of my new law practice. Her focus was on growing my leadership and delegation skills with the business side, so I could focus on law. Her advice is practical and sound.


Christopher K. Monelt / Lawyer

Hiring Tracy LeRoux has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!
She is tireless in assisting me, the doctors I coach and my organization.
I highly recommend Tracy.

Richard J. Shuldiner, Low Vision Optometrist /Founder, International Academy of Low Vision Specialists

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Tracy LeRoux as student, business woman and motivator. She has mentored and inspired many leaders throughout the business community as well as of her fellow Alumni at Northwestern. Over the years, I’ve visited with her and her team many times. I am so proud of her work and the team she has grown. However, I am most proud to call her my friend.


The late, Ted Speigel / Founder, Speigel Catalog

We work in a highly complex and regulated industry. Tracy completely understands the dynamics of Financial Services. She is a great sounding board to me personally, professionally and to my senior staff. She has helped keep us focused on our goals during the transition of our senior leadership team and is a delight to work with.

Ed Bixler / CEO, Investment Banker