Transparent Social Media
Transparent Social Marketing – 8 things you should know

Transparency implies openness, disclosing relevant information to the right people at the right time, in the right way – and is one of the key tenets of a successful social media strategy.
How can you ensure that your social media campaign is transparent?

1. Listening is important
What are people talking about online regarding your business, brand, products or services? Never jump into the conversation only to start promoting your company because it will fall on deaf ears. When you are engaging with the conversation happening online, your goal should always be to understand what problems your customers, prospects, and the general public have and how can you help them. Listening is one part of the strategy and acting is the other part.

2. Engage with people
Start engaging with those who are talking about you. Gain their trust and always be honest. The internet is public and if you are just in for a quick buck or two, you’ll be found out.

3. Use your own voice
Never join or start a conversation with your corporate voice. On all the social media channels you are using, sound and act like a real person. And while you don’t have to be the CEO of your company to be the social media representative, having senior support on your side will go a long way.

4. Know your facts
Know exactly what you can’t and can discuss regarding the company you work for. Being transparent doesn’t mean you should reveal all your company’s secrets and strategies. Be sure you know all the facts and never jump to any conclusions. It is really ok to say when you don’t know something. Be sure that you are following your company’s social media guidelines with your social media marketing campaign.

5. Manners go a long way
Never try to beat down participants. Always appreciate the time that they have taken to engage with you on this social medium. Avoid foul language and be polite. In written communication, always use good grammar, and remember that all your communication should reflect your business and brand.
Never try to pick a fight with your competitors online, the pubic or the media. Don’t rant on your favorite social media channel.

6. Be responsive
When someone mentions or ask you any questions online, reply and acknowledge these participants. Social media is public and if you are not going to respond when someone asks you a question online, why should they follow you?

7. Be relevant
Be relevant with your social media campaign. Not everyone wants to know what you are doing in the kitchen right now. Not everyone wants to know what you are doing right at this moment. Relevancy is key with social media marketing.

8. People trust real people
With social media marketing, people trust other people who are respectful, listen and are responsive. While it is human to post a few facts here and there to build trust with your network, remember that more people are listening to the online conversation than the few (your target marketing) with whom you are engaging.

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